Mary M. Shaw is a native of Louisville, Kentucky. She is one of seven children of Robert W. Shaw, Jr. and Patricia Kupper Shaw. Mary M. Shaw attended St. Helen's grade school and high school at Sacred Heart Academy. From the University of Louisville, Mary M. Shaw received an Associate Degree in Health Science, a Bachelor of Science degree in Sciences, and a Juris Doctor.

Mary M. Shaw has one daughter, Patricia, of whom she is very proud. Patricia is a graduate of Bellarmine University and works for Ursuline Montessori School.

Mary M. Shaw has over sixteen years experience as a staff attorney for the Jefferson Circuit Court. She became a senior staff attorney in 1994, and has very extensive experience in research, writing, an

d dealing with the matters that come before the Jefferson Circuit Court. She also served on the Rules Committee of the Planning and Coordinating Council, which was responsible for drafting and updating the local rules of practice for Jefferson Circuit Court. Mary M. Shaw worked as a staff attorney for Judge Thomas Knopf until his retirement from the Bench in 2003 and then as a staff attorney for Judge Stephen P. Ryan. In 2004, Mary M. Shaw also became qualified as a solicitor in England and Wales.

In addition to her work as a staff attorney, Mary M. Shaw has eleven years experience as a Jefferson District Court Trial Commissioner. As a trial commissioner, she dealt with Emergency Protective Orders, Emergency Custody Orders, Adult Mental Inquest Warrants, Bad Check Warrants, Probate Settlements, and set bail bonds on new arrestees. Furthermore, as a trial commissioner, she has also filled in for District Court Judges in Traffic Court, Forcible Detainer Court, and Teen Court.

Mary M. Shaw worked for several years as an editor for the Kentucky Appellate Reporter and/or the Sixth Circuit Reporter, and she has also edited a Handbook on Employment Decisions in the Sixth Circuit. Further, Mary M. Shaw spent two years as a Jefferson Teen Court Coordinator, recruiting and training teen volunteers to participate in the Teen Court program and working with teen defendants and their parents during their experience with Teen Court.

In order to seek election to the Bench herself, Mary M. Shaw had to resign her positions as senior staff attorney and trial commissioner effective January 31, 2006. She is now in private practice when she is not out on the campaign trail.


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