Judges serve as the last check against police over reaching and violating our rights. Even the right to life.  Mary Shaw signed a death warrant when she signed the no knock warrants that lead to the police murdering of  innocent women sleeping in her apartment.  Mary Shaw has shown her lack of judgement and inability to reason.  The entire point of her involvement was to question if this was called for and to assume some level of innocence.  Instead she just rolled away with 5 no knock warrants in 12 minutes....less than 3 minutes a warrant.. including the time it took her to sign them.  With that pen stroke this single opportunity for restraint and a second set of eyes was over ..... this lead to victims in our city, rattling a community and devastating businesses.  Only Mary Shaw ... was tasked with questioning these warrants and Mary Shaw spent 3 minutes on it.

Vote Out Mary Shaw!  Show others in power that they are accountable for their mistakes.  Mary Shaw is unfit to judge anyone but herself.

IF Mary Shaw were "Honorable" she'd resign

Louisville IS Not A Safer Place With Mary Shaw At The Bench

If Only Someone's Job Was To Prevent These a Judge.

Protecting And Serving .... LMPD's riot to beat in peace.  Mary Shaw's failed job unfolds.

Councilwoman Claims Breonna Taylor Died

Because Of Judge's ‘Shocking’ Handling Of No-Knock Warrants

Judge Mary Shaw approved five warrants in 12 minutes.



In March 2020 Judge Mary Shaw signed a number of no-knock warrants in aid of a narcotics case. She failed to do her due diligence in authorizing such dangerous and aggressive police tactics. She signed five warrants in 12 minutes source. Due to her haste and disregard for public safety 26 yearl old EMT Breonna Taylor was killed by police.

Judge Mary Shaw must be impeached by the Kentucky State House of Representatives and the Senate must remove her from office. Judges should be the protectors of rights, lives and private property; not casual destroyers.

Because of the way that judicial discipline and elections work in Kentucky and most other states it is extremely unlikely that judge Shaw will be held accountable by any means less serious than impeachment. She does not face reelection unitl 2023 and last time she ran, she was unnopposed source source.

Please sign this petition and bring pressure on the government of Kentucky to hold accountable a key figure in Breonna Taylor's tragic untimely death who has so far flown under the radar. Judges are supposed to be a check on police power, not a rubber stamp for risky, aggressive tactics that disregard public safety. 

Breonna Taylor would have turned 27 this week, she should be on the frontlines bravely fighting a pandemic and building a life for herself, not dead at the hands of people sworn to protect and serve. Help hold Judge Mary Shaw accountable for her terrible and rushed decision that killed an innocent woman. Impeach Judge Mary Shaw!